Entry #6: 8 FREE Things to do in Washington, DC

by connorlhk

1. Walk through the Washington Mall and see the countless museums and monuments from afar. I don’t mean going in and seeing these beautiful exhibits, rather the national mall is a park on the South West end of the city, and it is a great tourist attraction with bike lanes, walkable terrain, and photogenic areas galore.

2. Actually GO to all of the free monuments and museums. I personally went to the Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the National Building Museum (this one cost money, but my office took us for a free trip), and many other just national treasures that people who live in DC take for granted.

3. Explore American University, Georgetown University, George Washington University, or any other university campus in DC. They all are beautiful in their own ways, and especially for a college student, go for a tour of these places to get yourself acquainted with other academic institutions.

4. GO TO THE ZOO. Yes, the National Zoo in Washington is FREE. You can go see all the animals you like and learn as much as you want with the captions and scientific studies. I went and saw the cutest Panda bear and I do not regret this day trip one bit.

5. Attempt to email and meet with your local representatives in Washington. I had the opportunity to tour the capital building and the library of congress by emailing and scheduling a meeting with my congressman and it was approved!

6. During the months of June and July, most metropolitan areas in the United States have a PRIDE parade for LGBT persons and allies. I highly recommend (if you are LGBT or an ally) everyone to attend the events circled around PRIDE. I went to the free parade and walked out with hundreds of free multi-colored beads, a cowboy hat given to me by a fierce drag queen, and plenty of coupons for local DC businesses INCLUDING a free meal from Chipotle.

7. Drive/bike/walk/jog down Embassy Row and be in awe of all the beautiful architecture surrounding our world’s ambassadors. Honestly, they are some of the most eloquent looking buildings in all of DC, so I highly recommend them. The United Kingdom and Russia have very large embassies that are equally as beautiful.

8. Lose yourself in a bookstore in Dupont Circle. There are dozens around the area and you will be able to find any book to fit your liking and relax in one of the lounge areas of the store.