Entry #5: Becoming Accustomed to Living in D.C.

by connorlhk

During the beginning of my internship, I was so ignorant of how to use the public transportation system efficiently, the bus routes, the metrorail, etc., but now I am completely comfortable going anywhere and everywhere in the city! This extends to the point that many people, who more often than not are tourists, began to ask me how to get around downtown! Of course I wasn’t the most qualified to help them, but I still knew enough to get them to find where they were going! It’s a great feeling knowing that within a month, one can become more comfortable getting around public transportation and local lingo. 

I realized this as my friends and family came to visit me during my internship. My roommate for the next year, Adam, came down for a weekend and I was fully capable of showing him around and taking him through the touristy DC spots. 10304697_755725481117552_8069754322736986892_n

This is us using the metrorail going to the capitol building! 

Later on, my sister came down for a week. I showed her around my office building, let her meet my bosses and the organization’s CEO, and introduced her to all new types of food. We first went to a Mediterranean food truck that offered meat kabobs with salads with foreign dressings and vegetables. 

I have also become so accustomed with the geography of the city, that if someone were to come and visit and ask me for a specific craving of food or type of environment they would like to see, I could show them there. For example, if you’re looking for the best central and south american cuisine, you go to Columbia Heights metro and walk three blocks to the Latino community. Everyone on the street has their signs in Spanish, so it’s easy to notice that you’ve arrived. If you’re looking for Indian or Thai, there are fantastic places downtown with trucks or actual restaurants between K and M. These are from personal experiences and just something interesting that I will be able to share with people who want to come down to DC. 

Most of my coworkers at my internship have also helped me by telling me exactly where to go to find certain things. For example, if I want to go and tour the monuments, more than likely they will know the best times and which ones are most interesting to go and see. I hope to tell other interns the best places to eat, relax, and tour down here in DC!

Thank you again for reading! 🙂