Entry #4: Community Based Project

by connorlhk

Like I stated before, we were asked to create and form a community-based project proposal. With approximately $8-10,000, we were asked to come up with an idea that would benefit our own community in one way or another. With this guideline in mind, there was not much capital with which to work. I study Mathematics, but I am also interested in biology and public health, and after my internship here in DC, I will be a student researcher for the Biology Department under the supervision of Dr. Regina Lamendella. My interest in biology and public health especially, is the study of epidemiology, or the way society reacts or attempts to be proactive in lieu of an incoming disease or epidemic. Bringing this back to my project, I plan to have the funds used directly for marketing campaigns from the college to all students and personnel on campus to be more aware of health related issues. For example, I will attempt to put up more fliers in public restrooms regarding the necessity of simply washing your hands, the hazards of wearing inappropriate clothing for specific weather (flip flops in the snow, T-shirts during the winter, etc.), handing out more condoms to Resident Assistants or other student leaders on campus to make sure that if a student wishes to have sex, they have the right form of protection against diseases and pregnancies; this also includes the importance of condom use with an increased awareness in the heterosexual and LGBTQ communities. If there is still funding left after these concerns, I would also like to hold a training for all student leaders who work directly with first year students (i.e. CWS Lab Leaders, Resident Assistants, Lab Assistants and TA’s, etc.), and educate them on how to promote healthy behaviors from the first day a new student arrives on campus.




More pictures of the Fellows and the Staff during the Congress!!

This is an example of the information that will be going into my completed community-based project proposal that is due on Monday! We are also assigned to create a budget plan with plenty of research showing a necessity for this specific project. Most of the other interns plan on doing something related to Latin American affairs, but because I feel that my personal community at Juniata could also benefit from additional funding, I decided to promote them. Eventually, they will choose the best two proposals from the group, and ask them to present them in Brazil at the 50th Anniversary convention of the organization. Once there, the winning proposal will receive the total amount budgeted in the financial plan section. So, EVENTUALLY, this proposal could be implemented if I promote it well enough!! 🙂

Thank you again for reading!