Entry #3: Leadership Seminars Pt. 1

by connorlhk

A component of my internship I have not touched on yet in my blog is the biweekly leadership seminars that we have to attend with the CEO of Partners. We are assigned two pieces of literature, one on servant leadership and the other on social epidemics. Our first seminar was the Monday after the Congress! It started at noon and soon became a “brown bag lunch” (a phrase we call in the office, a seminar or presentation in which you bring a prepared lunch and eat while listening). Our CEO, Steve Vetter, is quite the charismatic, enthusiastic, and all-around personable leader. He always has a story for everything and could give you an author to read by simply learning what one of your hobbies is. These seminars are for us to enrich our leadership skills and for us to grow as a leader in our respective communities. To begin this challenging journey, Steve made us complete an online evaluation of our leadership style through the DiSC assessment. The four categories stand for dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientiousness. After about 80 or so questions, we were all assigned a role and told to read up on what it means for us. I was given the iD identification, which means that I am a social, dominant leader who likes to be the head of the group. In an office setting, I will go around and ask how everyone’s day is going and how I could help to make it better. I will go around asking how everyone’s kids/pets/social lives are doing instead of only discussing work and professional material. During Steve’s lunch, he discussed the assessment more and we all felt that the identities were very appropriate for our respective learning and leadership styles. After discussing this aspect of our meeting, we touched on the first four chapters of the servant leadership book. These chapters included describing what a servant leader was, how we can identify servant leaders through their actions, and many stories of these servant leaders in action. Steve then commented that most CEOs are servant leaders and that we need to become them as they are the future of community service and how we can better our world socially, economically, politically, and just in general. On my next post, I will continue to discuss these seminars AND I will introduce the community-based project that we have to complete and compete with the other interns for the opportunity to be in BRAZIL for an entire week!! Thank you!!