Entry #2: Legislative Fellows Program

by connorlhk

Previously, I had introduced my internship on this blog, but now I want to further explain more of what I’ll be doing for the next ten weeks in DC! The second week that I was here, I was assigned to be accompanying the Fellows, which are basically professionals in the workforce who decided to do a temporary exchange to enrich their skills and experience what the United States has to offer. I work with the Legislative Fellows, so most of the fellows I worked with were somehow involved with legal affairs or the government. After they had all conducted their fellowships, they united in Washington to attend our Debriefing session and the Professional Fellows Congress. The two programs were completed over the duration of five days or from Monday to Friday and I was in the office from 8 until 6 or 7 every day. We toured the Organization of American States, the Department of State, our organization, Partners of the Americas, and had plenty of informative presentations on different legal institutions in the United States and abroad. For example, I witnessed a presentation of conflict resolution. This presenter split the audience into four different groups with each group consisting of people from different countries to allow a more diverse conversation. I sat at a table with a woman from Zambia, a woman from Thailand, and a man from Sri Lanka. We all discussed issues ranging from political, environmental, social, and economic problems. The foreign countries had a greater similarity of corruption among their problems in government, and in the United States, we discussed bipartisan problems. After, we were given a reception with beautiful food and plenty of seating, but each table was formed among each specific country. I sat at the South African table and had the opportunity to meet those fellows and their respective diplomats! It was an enriching experience, as I knew nothing or mostly superficial information about the country. All in all, I got to meet the fellows that I was working for, other fellows who were quite interesting, and I got to meet a number of important international figureheads! And this is just week two!! Image