Entry #1: Arriving to DC

by connorlhk

Although I had an entire year in high school of exchange, I believe a summer internship away from my family has allowed me to ponder my newfound adulthood. Moving in to my new apartment, completely furnished from my employer, put my mind and body in position to continue on the “growing up” track. I did not have work for the next few days, which allowed me to tour the area where I was residing, Silver Spring, Maryland. Neither of my two roommates were not arriving for another day or two, so I had the opportunity to tour DC and Silver Spring for the day. I went down to the National Mall, the Washington Monument, and walked around Georgetown, Arlington, and parts of Bethesda. You could say that I love to travel and “conocer” (to get to know) a new city. Upon arriving to my apartment, my direct supervisor, Sherrita, came to my apartment complex and we chatted briefly about the internship. Although orientation was not for another couple of days, it was enlightening to learn more about the NGO, Partners of the Americas, and the work I would be performing over the following weeks. I had learned that I will be working with the Legislative Fellows Program as their President’s Intern. My job consists of completing logistics for the arrangements of our Professional Fellows as they complete their fellowships within the United States and the rest of the Americas. Within the following days, my roommates arrived and we begun to explore the city together, although one of my roommates, Enrique, had previously spent a semester in DC working with the Mexican government. The other, Carlos, and I had never spent longer than a weekend in the capital, so this city was uncharted territory. We all speak Spanish from our travels abroad and our lives at home. That’s all for now, but tomorrow I’ll go further into my first week and the whirlwind of work I was thrown! Thank you for reading!The Legislative Fellows Program

This collage was created during our Professional Fellows Congress, which I will discuss on my next post!